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 Comprehensive data

More than 48,000 Californians in every county in the state were surveyed by CHIS in 2013 and 2014, including 40,240 adults, 2,253 adolescents and 5,512 children.

The survey includes samples of Latinos, Asians, and American Indians and representative data for many under-surveyed groups, such as Pacific Islanders. 

Among the respondents are Chinese, Filipinos, Guatemalans, Japanese, Koreans, Mexicans, Salvadorans, South Asians and Vietnamese.



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 New 2013 and 2014 data released 

Read more about 2014 health insurance data, new one-year data sets, new topics and more! Read a new fact sheet about health insurance trends. 

View a related seminar on all the new and exciting features of CHIS, featuring CHIS Principal Investigator Ninez Ponce, and CHIS Director David Grant. Watch the seminar.

Welcome to CHIS

The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is the nation's largest state health survey and a critical source of data on Californians as well as on the state's various racial and ethnic groups. Policymakers, researchers, health experts, members of the media and others depend on CHIS for credible and comprehensive data on the health of Californians.


 About CHIS

Policymakers, researchers, health experts, members of the media and others depend on the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) for credible and comprehensive data on the health of Californians. Learn more about who and where CHIS interviews, survey topics, our partners, funders and more in About CHIS.


Survey Design & Methods

Learn about CHIS methodology, questionnaires, sample design by county and race, survey topics, as well as the populations surveyed. Learn more.


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