California Health Interview Survey

 California Health Interview Survey


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CHIS is an AAPOR TI Charter Member

CHIS is publicly recognized as a Charter Member of the AAPOR Transparency Initiative. The certification signifies a commitment to transparent survey research practice and effective disclosure of research methods.

CHIS is a "Health Data All-Star"

CHIS, and specifically AskCHIS, the free, easy to use online health statistics tool, was rated one of the top 50 health data sources in the country by the Health Data Consortium


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 The power of CHIS


From supporting state and federal health reform to drawing a link between soda and obesity, CHIS data have been used to support significant efforts to improve the health of millions in the state and across the nation. 

Read about CHIS making an impact over the years and highlights from 2020.


Policymakers, researchers, health exper​ts, members of the media and others depend on the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) for credible and comprehensive data on the health of Californians. 

Learn more about CHIS in this brief video or read below to get quick answers about who and where CHIS interviews, survey topics, our partners, funders and more.

What is CHIS?

The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is the largest state health survey in the nation. It is a web and telephone survey that asks questions on a wide range of health topics. CHIS is conducted on a continuous basis allowing the survey to generate timely one-year estimates. CHIS provides representative data on all 58 counties in California and provides a detailed picture of the health and health care needs of California’s large and diverse population.

Read more about CHIS...

Who does CHIS interview?

More than 20,000 Californians -- including adults, teenagers and children -- are interviewed each year, and several years of data can be combined to create an even larger sample. Participants in the CHIS survey are chosen at random and the sample is extensive enough to be statistically representative of California's diverse population. CHIS is especially known for its hard-to-find data on ethnic subgroups and sexual minorities. Learn more about who CHIS surveys…

Where does CHIS interview?

CHIS surveys are conducted in all 58 counties of California. CHIS may also conduct oversampling and small-area estimates of certain counties, such as Los Angeles and San Diego. Learn more...

What health topics are covered by CHIS?

From asthma, diabetes and obesity to immigrant health and health insurance coverage, CHIS covers dozens of health topics. See the full list of health topics...

Who uses CHIS data?

Legislators, policy makers, local health departments, state agencies, community organizations, advocacy groups, foundations, researchers, and many others use CHIS data to justify programs that fight health threats like obesity and diabetes and aid policies that improve public health. Learn more about how CHIS data are used…

Who leads CHIS?

CHIS is conducted by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health and the Department of Health Care Services. Its Principal Investigator is Dr. Ninez Ponce, a noted authority on health data as well as on health and health care access issues among ethnic minorities and low-income populations. Learn more about CHIS leadership…

Who funds CHIS?

CHIS is funded by a network of public agencies and private organizations concerned with improving the status of health care in California, as well as individual researchers and supporters who value CHIS data. See all CHIS funders...