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Researchers can access a variety of publicly available CHIS data files and web tools. These CHIS data products include downloadable data sets and easy-to-read PDF documents. In addition, local county health departments can request data files specific to their county. Please explore below for more information.

Public Use Data Files (PUF)

Dig deep into California’s health issues with our comprehensive statewide CHIS data files on a variety of topics. Public Use Files (PUFs) enable researchers to customize and run their own statistical code. The files are available in a variety of data formats, including SAS, SPSS, and STATA data formats.


AskCHIS© is a free web-based data query system that allows you to quickly search for health statistics at the county, region, and state level. Thousands of health experts, policymakers, journalists, and community members use AskCHIS© to quickly get health data for grant proposals, needs assessments, research, news reporting, and policy-making.


AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition (or AskCHIS NE©) is a new online data dissemination and visualization platform powered by the California Health Interview Survey. With AskCHIS NE©, you can search for top health topics at granular levels of geography (zip code, city, county, legislative district) and produce tables, thematic maps and bar charts for easy visualization.


The AskCHIS NE© Application Programming Interface (API) gives web developers, programmers, and data analysts on-demand access to the most current, authoritative, health information from AskCHIS NE©. For a web developer, this means programmatic access to estimates essential for data portals, visualizations, and clinical applications. For data analysts, it means bringing granular health information directly into statistical software that can be merged with outside data for a more layered research and analysis. For more information, contact

Health Profiles

Health Profiles provide quick and easy access to the most commonly requested health indicators from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) in easy-to-read PDF documents. The profiles deliver health estimates on top topics, such as insurance status, disease prevalence, health behaviors and overall health status for multiple age groups (adult, child/teen), racial/ethnic groups and geographic regions (counties, legislative districts, regions, SPAs and HHSAs).

Dummy Data Files

Researchers may use the CHIS dummy file datasets to check their programming code for errors prior to submitting code to be run on confidential data files through the Data Access Center. Dummy data files do not contain real data and are only provided solely for the purpose of testing statistical software programming code and syntax.

Researchers can apply to analyze confidential CHIS data, data sensitive variables and/or geo-coded data through the CHIS Data Access Center (DAC). Access to confidential CHIS data requires a research application, review, and approval.

Data Access Center Project (DAC)

Researchers can analyze CHIS data remotely by using the programming services of the CHIS Statistical Unit or writing their own programming code.

Data Estimate Request (DER)

Users can request CHIS data estimates from a variety of health topics. This service is available for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, the media, and other entities interested in specific health issues. The request must be estimate-driven and cannot be used for the purposes of research.

Special Use Research File (SURF)

Special Use Research Files (SURFS) containing non-publicly available CHIS variables may be available to interested researchers for merging with Public Use Data files depending on the confidentiality and sensitivity of the variables requested.

Packaged SURFs such as the Discrimination Module, Sexual Orientation, and Mental Health are available.

Follow-back Study

Researchers can propose follow-back studies that use contact information of CHIS respondents who provided consent for a follow-up survey. The objective(s) of the proposed follow-back study should be consistent with and contribute to those of CHIS, which is to improve the public's health through population-based research on the health and health care needs of Californians.

Local Health Departments

Local health department files (or LHD files) provide data at the county level for California’s public health departments interested in examining the health and wellbeing of its local population. LHD data files are customized to only include CHIS sample available within a specific county and can be requested by local health departments.