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Local Health Department (LHD) data files provide information that can be used by California’s county health departments for benchmarking, targeted outreach and service planning for vulnerable or at-risk local populations. LHD data files contain most public use data file indicators and can be customized to include only case records (CHIS sample) at the local county level.

Availability and composition of the CHIS sample by year and county can be viewed here: CHIS Sample Description

Requesting LHD Files

LHD files may only be requested by county public health departments interested in local-level health estimates of its population. These data files are available free of charge.

If you are a county health department official, and are interested in receiving CHIS data for your county, please: 1) designate a CHIS data custodian at your local county health department, 2) identify all data users in your local health department, and 3) complete the following data custodian and user agreements and email to dacchpr@ucla.edu or fax to 310.794.2686.

CHIS Data Custodian Agreement
CHIS Data User Agreement

CHIS data files can also be provided to local health departments through the electronic secure file transfer process (sFTP). This process of data delivery is secure and convenient.

Electronic Data Transfer

If you have additional questions, please send your inquiry to chis@ucla.edu.