California Health Interview Survey


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Methodology Briefs, Papers, and Reports

Methodology Briefs 
Concisely address specific methodological issues encountered by CHIS data users 

Methodology Papers
Products of research projects examining CHIS data quality and innovations??

Methodology Reports?
Provide in-depth descriptions of our sampling, data collection, data processing, response rates, weighting and variance estimation methods

CHIS 2013-2014 Methodology Reports

  • Report 1 - 2013-2014 Sample Design (Coming Soon)
  • Report 2 - 2013-2014 Data Collection Methods (Coming Soon)
  • Report 3 - 2013-2014 Data Processing Procedures (Coming Soon)
  • Report 4 - 2013-2014 Response Rates (PDF 642k)
  • Report 5 - 2013-2014 Weighting and Variance Estimation (Coming Soon)

CHIS 2011-2012 Methodology Reports


CHIS 2009 Methodology Reports

CHIS 2007 Methodology Reports

CHIS 2005 Methodology Reports

CHIS 2003 Methodology Reports

CHIS 2001 Methodology Reports