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 CHIS 2013 and 2014 are here!

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The California Health Interview Survey recently released new 2013 and 2014 data. CHIS, previously a biennial survey, also announced that it will now release data on a yearly basis, including retroactively since 2011. Learn more.

Seminar! View a related seminar on all the new and exciting features of CHIS, featuring CHIS Principal Investigator Ninez Ponce, and CHIS Director David Grant. Watch the seminar.

CHIS Questionnaires

Separate interviews are conducted for adults (age 18 and older), adolescents (age 12 through 17) and children (birth through 11 years of age). For children, we interview the parent or guardian in the household who is most knowledgeable about the child's health. Adolescents are interviewed directly about their health and behaviors, although their insurance information is collected from the adult.

What topics are covered by CHIS?

CHIS 2013-2014 Questionnaires

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