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August 30-31 webinar: Diverse leadership can bring fresh perspective
Diverse voices are important to hear in any debate about solving entrenched problems.  This is especially true of domestic violence, where incorporating the voice and vision of a broad range of constituents can lend inspiration and foster new ideas about how to eradicate the problem.  In a free Aug. 30 webinar (a repeat session will also be held on Aug. 31) Emily May of Hollaback (a movement to end street harassment through mobile technology) and Jeff Matsushita of the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence  will discuss new strategies that will help domestic violence prevention organizations to diversify their leadership and bring new voices to the table. The webinar is interactive and will allow you to join the discussion by sharing your ideas or posing questions via live phone and text chat.
Dates: August 30 and 31, 2011
Time: This ninety-minute (90 min) session will start at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (2 p.m. Eastern)
Cost: Free
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