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The Center's Health Policy Seminar Series

From health care reform in the United States to health care costs around the world, the Center is pleased to host leading health policy experts at our lunchtime Health Policy Seminar Series.

The seminars take place once a month during the school year at the Center's offices for approximately one hour. Learn about future seminars here or by subscribing to the Center's free, monthly e-newsletter, Health Policy News.

View a list of all our past seminars in our archive.

Our most recent seminars include:

September 27: "Hard CHOICE? Why aren't more Angelenos enrolling in Cal Mediconnect?"

In this Sept. 27 seminar, Center Research Scientist Kathryn Kietzman and Graduate Student Researcher Kate McBride will describe the factors that may contribute to Angeleno’s dual-eligible consumers’ low enrollment rate in Cal MediConnect. Kietzman has been conducting qualitative studies of dual eligibles, both through one-on-one interviews and through focus groups as part of the Center’s Consumer Healthcare Options Investigating Cal MediConnect Enrollment (CHOICE) project.

Watch this video here

August 22: "Parks After Dark: How Los Angeles Transformed Recreational Public Spaces"

Parks After Dark is a Los Angeles County program that began in 2010 as the prevention strategy for communities with higher rates of violence, economic hardship, and obesity prevalence. The Center was the evaluator of this innovative program, in which PAD parks stayed open late on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings in the summer months to offer a variety of safe, free recreational and cultural activities for people of all ages.  

What started as a program in three parks has now been implemented at 21 throughout Los Angeles County. Please join us at this August 22 seminar to hear lead evaluator Nadereh Pourat, director of the Center’s Health Economics and Evaluation Research Program, and HEER Senior Research Associate Ana Martinez, talk about how the Parks After Dark Program evolved into a key County strategy to promote health, safety, equity, and community well-being.
Watch the video here.

July 31: "Partnership Strategies of CHCs: Building Capacity in Good Times and Bad"

Community Health Centers (CHCs) serve as critical safety net providers to those who are uninsured or who may become uninsured. In this livestreamed July 31 seminar, Center Associate Director Steven P. Wallace and Graduate Student Researcher Maria-Elena Young will discuss findings from a new study on these centers' efforts to serve the remaining uninsured. Specifically, the study looked at strategies undertaken by CHCs in four states that reinforce the local safety net through partnerships, improvements to the local health system, and advocacy. With the uncertainties ahead about whether Medicaid expansion will be continued or be handed over to the states with limited oversight, partnerships both among CHCs and with others in the health care system and beyond may become even more important.

Watch the video here.

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