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UCLA Center for Health Policy Research experts and research are featured in hundreds of media outlets each year, on topics ranging from the impact of California's budget on health care programs for the poor, to the proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, to the fight to end language barriers at the doctor's office.

Recent News Articles featuring Center expertise include: 

San Francisco Chronicle

Los Angeles Times

People Magazine
Democratic governor hopefuls take on single-payer care, Prop. 13 changes

Democrats running for California governor debate over bringing single-payer healthcare to the state

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Said She’s ‘Lucky’ to Have Insurance — Here’s What It’s Like to Have Breast Cancer Without It

Los Angeles Times
Republicans should gladly pay fro my preexisting condition
UCLA Expert Explains Why Trump Healthcare Reform Won't Work
Trump vows another healthcare vote next year, eyes executive order
Medpage Diabetic Amputation Rates Soar in California, Nationally
California Health Report Insurance Program for Low-Income and Disabled or Elderly Confuses Consumers
CNN International
Does the Affordable Care Act Work?

Press Release Point

Medicaid waiver program helped public hospitals improve care to Californias most needy
San Francisco Business Times
Long Beach Press-Telegram
Protesters rally at Speaker Anthony Rendon’s office, angry that he halted single-payer plan