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Center in the News

UCLA Center for Health Policy Research experts and research are featured in hundreds of media outlets each year, on topics ranging from the impact of California's budget on health care programs for the poor, to the proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, to the fight to end language barriers at the doctor's office.

Recent News Articles featuring Center expertise include:

Media Headline
​UCLA Newsroom California must build workforce to serve older adults' behavioral health needs, UCLA report says
​Moms Rising ​California Becomes First State to Require Healthy Drinks on Kids' Restaurant Menus
​Los Angeles Times Gov. Newsom's healthcare initiatives will test what a single state can achieve on its own
​California Health Report Researchers Warn that "Public Charge" Rule Changes would Lead to Hardship, Economic Losses in California
KNCO-830AM Mental Health Professionals for Seniors Lacking 
Calmatters Newsom's move: Not yet health care for all, but health care for more 
Kaiser Health News Measure to Cap Dialysis Profits Pummeled After Record Spending By Industry 
Calmatters How Gov-Elect Gavin Newsom could shape California's future, issue by issue 
The Conversation Why bigotry is a mental illness
California Healthline California's top lawyer cements his role as health care defender-in-chief
The Sacramento Bee Gavin Newsom's health plan coul dhelp lower your insurance costs-or make you pay a fine 
Daily Bruin UCLA Report finds federal 'public charge' rule changes would hurt state economy
Mother Jones Six-Year-Old Moira is One of hte Sickest People in America. So Why is North Carolina Tryin gto Gut Her Health Care?