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 AskCHIS Workshops

AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition
May 17, 2017
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (PDT)
Narrowing the geographic focus, users will find health data by legislative district, city, and ZIP Code on AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition (NE). They will learn how to export excel data and visualizations generated on AskCHIS NE to use in online and printed reports. RSVP.

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By 2030 one of every three Californians will be over the age of 50. Increasing use of clinical preventative services (CPS) such as immunizations and cancer screenings are among the most effective ways to support health as we age.
The Health Aging Partnerships in Preventative Initiative (HAPPI) is offering a free two-day training course for representatives of South Los Angeles serving African American and Latino adults age 50+. Participants who complete the course and conduct a workshop for their organization members or partners will receive a stipend of $250.
Participating organizations are also eligible to apply to the HAPPI Small Grant Program to implement a pilot project in partnership with the Southside Coalition of Community Health Centers and other CPS providers. Awards of up to $10,000 - $ 20,000.
Training Dates 2016
April 15 & 29
May 10 & 17
HAPPI aims to engage community organizations and community clinics in efforts to increase the use of clinical preventative service (CPS) by low income African American and Latino adults age 50 and older who have been historically underserved.
 A partnership of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, the Southside Coalition of Community Health Centers, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and Los Angeles County Office of Women's Health and the Los Angeles County Community and Senior Services, and the Los Angeles Department of Aging. Funding support by the U.S. DHHS (PAWOS000015-01-00) and UCLA CTSI (UL1R0000124/UL1R0000130)