Research on Immigrant Health Through State Policy

​Research on ImmiGrant HealTh and State policy (RIGHTS)

This study is designed to understand the experiences that Latino and Asian immigrants who live in California have encountered in the areas of health care, social services, employment, education, and law enforcement and how these experiences have had an impact on their health and access to health care. A Q&A discussion of the study is here, and for a more formal summary see Immigrant health access and policy - aims.pdfImmigrant health access and policy - aims.pdf.

A student project summarizing the study can be seen at

Data are from a statewide follow-up survey to the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) as well as qualitative interviews with selected persons in Los Angeles and Fresno Counties. As of Spring 2020, all survey data (from >1000 Latin American immigrants and >1000 Asian immigrants) has been collected, along with 60 in-depth qualitative interviews. Analysis is in process.
The project is advised by a Community Advisory Board of representatives from nonprofit organizations that serve immigrant communities, as well as a group of academic experts

For more information, go to the RIGHTS website.
We can also be reached at or (833) 879-0948.

Research Team
Deborah Wu, MPH
Hin Wing Tse 

Funded by NIH/NIMHD grant #R01MD012292.