Hidden Poor by Gender

August 2015
The Hidden Poor by Gender:
Older adults, age 65 and over, with Incomes Below the 2011 Elder Index

The following interactive table provides the economic status of older adults in California with color coded cells going from red indicating the highest percent to white indicating the lowest percent for two of the three economic status categories � Below the FPL and the Hidden Poor (above the FPL but below the Elder Index). For example, the default view shows the percent of single elder head of households in California with incomes below the Elder Index by gender. Compared to single elder males, single elder females in California have a higher proportion with incomes below the FPL (20.2% vs. 15.9%) and to be identified as being among the hidden poor (32.2% vs. 27.9%). Data can also be viewed by county, family type, gender and by population numbers (in thousands) by selecting from the appropriate pull down menus. Note: To ensure accurate estimates, "Economic Status" must be in the left hand column, "Population" and "Percent" in top row, and "County", "Family Type", and "Race and Ethnicity" in the second top row. Percentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding or missing data for unstable estimates.