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February 2009
Characteristics of Adults age 65 and older with Incomes Below the 2007 Elder Economic Security Standard Index (Elder Index)
California Counties

County Numbers and Percents, State Totals, and County Comparisons Adults age 65 and older Living Alone and Couples Only

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Demographics by County
Methodology Report


County Comparisons, Annual Elder Index Amounts

Supporting Data

Funding for the California Elder Economic Security Initiative program has been provided by: Aging & Independent Services of San Diego, Alameda County Social Services Agency Adult and Aging Services, Area Agency on Aging of the County of Los Angeles, The California Endowment, California Community Foundation, California Policy Research Center, The California Wellness Foundation, City of Los Angeles Department of Aging, Council on Aging-Silicon Valley, Health Trust, Wider Opportunities for Women, UC Program on Access to Care, United Way of the Bay Area, and Y & H Soda Foundation