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About the Evaluation

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research (the Center) is working with the Safety Net Financing Division of the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to evaluate the Health Care Coverage Initiative (HCCI) included in California's Section 1115 waiver demonstration project (No. 11-W-00193/9).

As part of its HCCI evaluation, the Center will collect data from the 10 counties participating in the HCCI demonstration to assess the impact of county HCCI programs in achieving the goals identified by DHCS and by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Evaluation Questions

The research questions the evaluation will examine include:

  1. What impact did the Health Care Coverage Initiative have on program income and expenditures in each county during the project period, including per capita costs?
  2. How effective was the Health Care Coverage Initiative in allowing counties to expand the number and proportion of Californians who have health care coverage between September 1, 2007 and August 31, 2010?
  3. Did participating Health Care Coverage Initiative counties strengthen and build upon the local health care safety net system, including disproportionate share hospitals, county clinics, and community clinics?
  4. Did the Health Care Coverage Initiative improve access to high quality health care and health outcomes for Coverage Initiative enrollees in each county?
  5. Did the Health Care Coverage Initiative create efficiencies in the delivery of health services that could lead to savings in health care costs?
  6. Did the Health Care Coverage Initiative provide grounds for long-term sustainability of the programs funded under the initiative beyond August 31, 2010?
  7. Were the county Health Care Coverage Initiative programs implemented in an expeditious manner to meet federal requirements regarding the timing of expenditures?

Evaluation Products

Throughout the program period, the Center maintained and released basic analyses of program data submitted by the counties to DHCS. Annual convening meetings and other events provided opportunities to communicate evaluation findings, share best practices among counties, and promote collaboration between counties, UCLA, DHCS, and other stakeholders.

The evaluation produced an interim evaluation report in June 2010. The Center also released several publications highlighting key components of the program, with additional support from partnering foundations.

The evaluation will end in 2012. The final evaluation report will be submitted to DHCS and CMS, and released among other evaluation publications on this website.

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