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HCCI County Materials

County Program Materials

California's Health Care Coverage Initiative (HCCI) demonstration project was implemented in ten counties in California.

Implementation of the HCCI program varied between the counties. Differences in program design included but were not limited to: the specific eligibility requirements for the program; the number of enrollees; the dates of enrollment; the scope of covered services; the types of providers participating in the provider network; amounts of co-pays and enrollment fees charged to enrollees; and, the fees paid to providers within the provider network.

To access specific materials about HCCI in each of the ten participating programs, click on the county below. 

Alameda County Alameda County Excellence (ACE)
Contra Costa County Health Coverage Initiative (HCI)
Kern County Kern Medical Center Health Plan
Los Angeles County Healthy Way L.A. (HWLA)
Orange County Medical Services Initiative Program (MSI)
San Diego County Coverage Initiative (CI)
San Francisco County Healthy San Francisco, Health Care Coverage Initiative (HCCI)
San Mateo County Access and Care for Everyone (ACE)
Santa Clara County Valley Care
Ventura County ACE (Access, Coverage, Enrollment) Program


Map of Coverage Initiative Counties

The HCCI program transitioned to the new Low Income Health Programs (LIHP) beginning in November 2010.