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San Diego County

The County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency operates the Health Care Coverage Initiative (HCCI) Program. The program's goals are to increase access to quality health care for eligible individuals by providing a medical home and reduce their reliance on hospital emergency rooms for treatable conditions, and to improve care coordination for patients accessing services through health care safety net hospitals, community clinics and specialty care physicians.

HCCI uses a network of Community Health Centers to provide the services. Participating clinics provide diabetes, high cholesterol and/or hypertension management and education. CI helps uninsured adult county residents who suffer with the chronic health conditions of diabetes, high cholesterol and/or hypertension to get medical care.

San Diego County Documents
Coverage Initiative Information Sheet
Coverage Initiative Flyer
Patient Handbook
Manual Para Pacientes
Monthly Operating Report: February 2009
Program Summary Form
Coverage Initiative Outreach & Enrollment Strategies: June 2008 Update
CAA Training: February 20, 2009
Coverage Initiative CAA Monthly Log Summary
Project Dulce
Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions From HCCI Enrollees About Project Dulce Services
Five Abstracts Completed by Scripps Whittier Diabetes
Project Dulce Initial Assessment, Part A
Project Dulce Quality Improvement Tracking
Project Dulce: Initial/follow up Order Set: Glycemia Management
Log of Calls to HCCI Enrollees or Chronic Disease Management
Check off Sheet for Scheduling HCCI Enrollees Into Disease Management Services Provided by Project Dulce
Patient Visits Summary Report
Tools for Clinics: Four Health Centers Use Chronic Disease Management Systems
County Medical Services Program Patient Survey: 2006-2007