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San Mateo County

San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) serves as the hub of San Mateo County's medical care safety net through a network of 11 community clinics, serving low-income residents insured through public coverage programs, as well as the uninsured. SMMC serves an integral role in advancing the County's vision of universal health care coverage, meeting the County's indigent care responsibilities, and pursuing access and care improvement through the State's Health Care Coverage Initiative (HCCI). The HCCI program in San Mateo County, known as Access and Care for Everyone (ACE), serves as a pilot project for the Board of Supervisor's Blue Ribbon Task Force, whose main goals are to: 1) provide a stronger safety net, 2) improve access to care, 3) reduce costs, and 4) create a long term sustainable model of care. The recent launch of the Innovative Care Clinic (ICC), with the goal of improving the quality of care, cost of care, and patient and staff satisfaction, provides one potential model and framework for expansion throughout the San Mateo County Healthcare System.

Some of the key features of this new model include:

  1. Medical home assignments for patients
  2. Team-based care
  3. Expanded and flexible staff roles and support staff
  4. Chronic Disease Model use by all providers
  5. Medication Management Program utilizing a clinic-based Pharmacist
  6. Advanced Access for all providers. Goal: same day access to any provider
  7. Ongoing outcomes review and clinic measures
  8. Utilization of Chronic Disease Registry, EMR, and Diabetes Retinal Camera
  9. Health Promotion and Education

San Mateo County Documents
Access and Care for Everyone (ACE) Policy Handbook
Access and Care for Everyone (ACE) Brochure v1
Advanced Access Project Team Presentation: San Mateo Medical Center Innovative Care Team (October 30, 2008)
ICC Patient Satisfaction Survey