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Santa Clara County

Valley Care is a program designed by Santa Clara County to provide access to health care for Santa Clara County residents that are ineligible for other publicly funded health care insurance. This program is designed to ensure that each participant receives high quality, timely services from a committed health care team of physicians, mid-level providers, nurses, medical assistants, health educators and other providers in Santa Clara County. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) is the only hospital that provides services covered by Valley Care.

Low co-payments and no required premiums are designed to provide affordable health care services, including preventative services. These affordable services are offered within a variety of settings through SCVMCs network of providers. Copayments are based on income and services are obtained through a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who will assist the participant in managing his/her care.

Valley Care is not insurance, it is a health care program that provides coverage with public funds. This Description of Services booklet is a guide to Valley Care health services available through SCVMC and its network of providers. SCVMC will manage all eligibility and co-payments.

Santa Clara County Documents
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