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About the Evaluation

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research is working with the Safety Net Financing Division of the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to evaluate the Low Income Health Program (LIHP). An evaluation of the Low Income Health Program is required by the Waiver and the authorizing legislation passed by the California Legislature (AB 342).

The evaluation is funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation.

Goals of the Evaluation

The LIHP evaluation will monitor the progress of the demonstration and the contribution of LIHP to the "Bridge to Reform" in four critical areas:

  1. outreach, enrollment retention, and transition strategies;
  2. coverage expansion;
  3. access to and quality of care; and,
  4. care delivery system redesign in anticipation of 2014.

The primary goal of the evaluation is to provide information to various stakeholders on the impacts of LIHP in each of these areas.

Evaluation Proposal Documents

UCLA has created an informational FAQ document, which also includes a description of the proposed Evaluation Publications and Products. This document is updated continuously to promote information sharing regarding the evaluation. Registered users may log into the LIHP Evaluation page to view the FAQ document.

The UCLA Evaluation Proposal to Blue Shield of California Foundation provides more detail on the specific activities and publications planned under the evaluation. UCLA received feedback about the evaluation design from stakeholders. View the log of the comments received on the evaluation design.

Data Collection and Reporting

UCLA will collect data for the evaluation, and will also facilitate data collection for  DHCS and CMS reporting. Data will be collected through several mechanisms. The Evaluation FAQs provide a description of each type of data to be collected. Registered users may log into the LIHP Evaluation page to view the FAQ document.

Evaluation Publications and Products

Access evaluation publications and products, including the quarterly Performance Dashboard reports.