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level. Cigarette smoking prevalence among Asian males in general was almost three times of that among Asian females. Korean and Vietnamese males had higher …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 11/7/2005

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factors that had been associated with Asian American smoking prevalence also were associated … Results: Most Asian American smokers were more likely to be light and intermittent smokers …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 2/1/2009

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high risk of adolescent overweight with special attention to Asian ethnicity, socioeconomic status (SES), and their interaction. Asian American children and adolescents are an …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 6/30/2016

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2007 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS 2007 … that generalizing findings from one particular Asian category or from an aggregate Asian category may be problematic and may not …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 10/1/2010

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quitline services for smokers who speak Asian languages were available only in California … and Prevention (CDC) funded the national Asian Smokers’ Quitline (ASQ) to expand this …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 6/25/2015

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about CRC screening were analyzed from 1771 Asian Americans age 50 years and older (Chinese, Filipino, South Asian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese). The authors …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 12/15/2005

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The study found that Asian older adults overall walked considerably more than White seniors … for specific ethnic groups to more effectively promote PA among older Asian Americans. …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 6/14/2014

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is known about physical activity in Asian Americans and how it changes after immigration. … physical activity. A total of 4226 Asian Americans and 29,473 US-born non-Asians were …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 4/1/2005

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Results: Twenty-two percent of 1693 Asian men and 6% of 2174 Asian women reported current smoking. Women living in an Asian enclave were less likely to smoke (adjusted odds …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 5/1/2009

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Higher acculturation is associated with Asian-American smoking prevalence decreasing in men and increasing in women. Asian immigrants in California are significantly more likely …
Type: CHIS Journal Article Date: 7/1/2008