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Opportunity Knocks for Preventive Health

September 1, 2012

Policy Note

Authors: Kathryn G. Kietzman, PhD, MSW, Steven P. Wallace, PhD, Rosana Leos Bravo, PhD, MPH, Tabashir Sadegh-Nobari, Delight E. Satter, MPH

This series of four policy notes examines the role that community organizations can play to increase the use of clinical preventive services (such as mammography, colorectal cancer screening and influenza vaccinations) by adults age 50 and older. Successful strategies and untapped opportunities are identified for aging services providers, public health departments, community health centers and other community organizations (such as YMCAs, workplaces, and pharmacies). Each policy note features real world examples and links to resources that can help organizations initiate similar efforts in their own communities. The "Opportunity Knocks for Preventive Health" series highlights the promise of collaboration between diverse community-based organizations to improve the health of older Americans.

These publications were funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).​

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