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A Portrait of Older Californians With Disabilities Who Rely on Public Services to Remain Independent

December 7, 2012

Journal Article

Authors: Kathryn G. Kietzman, PhD, MSW, Steven P. Wallace, PhD, Eva M. Durazo, MPH, Jacqueline Torres, MPH, MA, Anne Soon Choi, PhD, Carolyn A. Mendez-Luck, Ph.D., M.P.H.

​Low-income older adults with disabilities in California depend on a variety of public programs to help them remain in their own homes. The availability of those services has been in flux since 2009 because of cuts caused by the recession. This article in Home Health Care Services Quarterly reports on the Center's qualitative study of 33 California seniors who depend on these fragile arrangements of paid and unpaid assistance. The research stems from the Center's ongoing "HOME Project," which follows and conducts in-depth interviews with these older adults and their caregivers in order to paint a comprehensive picture of their needs, physical and mental health status, and the role that public services serve as a crucial link in the support networks of these individuals.

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