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Evaluation of the California Health Interview Survey: Cancer Prevention and Control Research, Clinical Practice, and Health Policy

October 31, 2013

External Publication

Author: Center for Community Health and Evaluation

​This independent evaluation of the California Health Interview Survey was commissioned by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and conducted by the Center for Community Health and Evaluation in order to evaluate the survey’s contributions, utility, and impact of the CHIS cancer‐control items, as well as recommendations on areas to prioritize and potential areas of expansion. The authors strongly recommended that NCI continue to support and partner with CHIS. Continued support will allow NCI to build on the unique contributions of CHIS to cancer prevention and control research, clinical practice improvements, and health policy development. Overall, the panelists concluded that in cancer control and prevention:

  • CHIS serves as a model for state and local data collection in the United States;
  • CHIS provides a unique data set that uses advanced sampling and administration methodologies;
  • CHIS contributes to the evidence base that influences key changes in cancer research, practice, and policy;
  • CHIS includes a range of content areas that embrace the interests of funders, researchers, local and state health departments, community health centers, clinical practices, health plans, policy makers, advocacy groups, and others.

The authors conclude CHIS is a valuable resource that describes the health practices and needs of a racially and ethnically diverse, multilingual population. The expert panel identified numerous scientific accomplishments in cancer prevention and control attributable to CHIS as well as additional opportunities to use and enhance CHIS in the changing health care environment. NCI support for CHIS is recognized as making a critical contribution to providing high quality data on cancer control issues. The evaluation findings highlight the value that researchers place on NCI’s investment in CHIS and the potential for CHIS data to make substantial future contributions to cancer‐related research, clinical practice, and health policy.

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