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Bringing It to the Community: Successful Programs that Increase the Use of Clinical Preventive Services by Vulnerable Older Populations

August 28, 2014

Policy Brief

Authors: Janet C. Frank, DrPH, MS, Kathryn G. Kietzman, PhD, MSW, Steven P. Wallace, PhD

This policy brief reports the findings of a systematic review conducted by the Community Health Innovations in Prevention for Seniors (CHIPS) project. The project identified successful programs for increasing the use of two or more clinical preventive services to vulnerable, underserved populations age 50 years and older within community settings. The CHIPS project also used the RE-AIM Framework1 to evaluate the readiness and feasibility of implementing these programs within real-world settings. Policy recommendations focus on expanding and sustaining clinical preventive services in the community and reaching diverse populations, bridging the traditional silos of clinical care and community-based services, and providing financial incentives to clinical providers and community-based organizations to support preventive services coverage.

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