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Apartment Owners Support Nonsmoking Policies in Los Angeles

April 6, 2016

Fact Sheet

Authors: Ying-Ying Meng, DrPH, Vanessa Lam, Daniel Hanaya, MPP, Tamanna Rahman, Marlene Gomez, MPH, Peggy Toy, M.A., Steven P. Wallace, PhD

This fact sheet highlights preliminary findings from a survey of 93 multi-unit  housing property owners and managers in the city of Los Angeles regarding smoke-free policies in their buildings. Initial results indicate that most properties in the area do not have smoke-free policies in place, but property owners with and without policies are largely supportive of these policies. Some reasons for not already having a smoke-free policy include not knowing they could do  it, perceiving that rent control laws restrict adoption of smoke-free policies, and not having enough information about the issue.

These initial results show a need to educate and inform property owners about smoke-free policies and increase collaboration among property owners, tenant groups, and government agencies to protect the health of Los Angeles tenants with smoke-free policies for multi-unit housing

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