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Cal MediConnect Enrollment: Why Are Dual-Eligible Consumers in Los Angeles County Opting Out?

September 27, 2017

Policy Brief

Authors: Kate McBride, Ana Reynoso, Tiffany Alunan, Brenda Gutierrez, Adrian Matias Bacong, Marge Moon, Anastasia Bacigalupo, Steven P. Wallace, PhD, Kathryn G. Kietzman, PhD, MSW

Los Angeles County has the state’s lowest rate of consumer enrollment in Cal MediConnect, a program that is responsible for the delivery and coordination of medical, behavioral health, and long-term services and support benefits for individuals who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medi-Cal.

This policy brief examines the factors that influence consumer decisions and may contribute to low enrollment rates. Influential factors include consumer knowledge of health care options, perception of choice, and disruption of existing care. Differences in decision making by age, complexity of health care needs, race/ethnicity, immigration status, and primary language are also noted.

Policy recommendations include engaging consumers in the planning and dissemination of information about their health care options, optimizing consumer choice and implementing the least disruptive pathway to enrollment, and recognizing and responding to the great diversity of dual-eligible consumers in Los Angeles County.

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