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Mexican Immigrants Lack Health Services in the U.S.

October 1, 2004

Fact Sheet

Authors: Steven P. Wallace, Ph.D., Veronica F. Gutierrez

This Binational Health Week fact sheet documents the problems of access to preventive care faced by Mexican immigrants. Their lower use of preventive services is due, in large part, to high rates of having no usual source of care and low rates of health insurance. The information contained in this fact sheet is based on an analysis of the 2000 National Health Interview Survey. Held simultaneously with Mexico's National Health Week, Binational Health Week (BHW) takes place annually in selected regions of the United States and in Mexican states with high rates of international migration. The California-Mexico Health Initiative in the UC-Office of the President coordinates many of the activities that involve community members, community organizations, universities, and public officials.

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