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Education Matters: Despite Improvements Under the ACA, Disparities in Coverage Based on Educational Level Persist

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Health Insurance Coverage and Programs; Health Care Economics; Uninsured; Low-Income; Racial and Ethnic Groups

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Fact Sheet

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Since 2013, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has produced significant reductions in the number of uninsured individuals. Nevertheless, important disparities persist among the remaining uninsured. Such disparities are based on a number of factors, including Medicaid expansion status, race and ethnicity, occupation, and employment status. 

One overlooked disparity in coverage is the association between educational attainment and lack of insurance. Although the impact of education on earnings is well documented, the authors' findings suggest that education continues to have an important impact on the likelihood of being uninsured, regardless of income level. Using data from the 2013 and 2018 American Community Survey, researchers found substantial differences by educational level within each category of income. Specifically, lower levels of educational attainment are associated with higher rates of uninsurance in both the pre- and post-ACA periods, even among those in the 400%+ federal poverty level (FPL) income level. 

Furthermore, differences in rates of uninsurance by educational level have increased in the post-ACA period, indicating greater disparities based on educational attainment.


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Fact Sheet: Education Matters: Despite Improvements Under the ACA, Disparities in Coverage Based on Educational Level Persist

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