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Association Between E-Cigarette Use and Food Insecurity Among Low-Income Adults (Tobacco Control)

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Summary: Previous research quantifying the relationship between tobacco use and food insecurity has focused on cigarette smoking. E-cigarette use has become popular in recent years. Drawing on large, population-based survey data, this study augments the previous research, considering the association of e-cigarette use with food insecurity among low-income adults.

Researchers analyzed data from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) in 2014–2019. The study sample consisted of 25,948 respondents aged 18–64 who lived in low-income (<200% of the federal poverty level) households. Multivariable logistic regression models were estimated to examine the associations of e-cigarette use as well as dual use of e-cigarettes and cigarettes with food insecurity.

Findings: Of California low-income adults, 6.4% identified as current e-cigarette users and 43% reported food insecurity. After controlling for confounding factors, food insecurity was significantly more likely to be reported among current e-cigarette users compared with never e-cigarette users, and among dual, current sole e-cigarette users, and current sole cigarette smokers compared with never tobacco users. The odds of food insecurity among dual users were significantly greater than sole cigarette smokers but not statistically different from sole e-cigarette users.

Using e-cigarette is an associated risk factor for food insecurity among low-income adults. Dual use of e-cigarettes and cigarettes has a significantly greater risk of food insecurity compared with smoking cigarettes alone.


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Journal Article: Association Between E-Cigarette Use and Food Insecurity Among Low-Income Adults

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