California Health Interview Survey


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 CHIS 2011-2012


New 2011-2012 data on hundreds of health topics are now available. Along with core variables, CHIS 2011-2012 contains new topics, such as mental health stigma, internet use for health information, access to fresh and affordable food, civic engagement, and social cohesion.




What health topics are covered by the CHIS?

From asthma, diabetes and obesity to immigrant health and health insurance coverage, CHIS covers dozens of essential health topics. Many core questions are repeated in each survey in order to measure significant shifts over time. New questions are also added each survey year to address emerging concerns that are important for planning and policy development. To see a complete list of the health topics covered by CHIS by two-year cycle, click on the links below:

To see the questionnaires used in each survey cycle of CHIS, or learn more about our methodology, visit our Survey Design & Methods section.