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Center in the News

UCLA Center for Health Policy Research experts and research are featured in hundreds of media outlets each year, on topics ranging from the impact of COVID-19 on health and health access to social determinants of health among vulnerable populations to proposals for "Medicare For All."

Recent News Articles featuring Center expertise include:

Media Headline
OCT. 2020
​NBC News ​Why the Asian American Covid data picture is so incomplete
​CalMatters ​Elderly day labor workers most affected by pandemic
​Marketplace ​For seniors on Medicare, there are new offerings that may be appealing during COVID-19
​Medical Xpress ​Non-obese Vietnamese Americans are 60% more likely to have diabetes
​Telemundo A los latinos de la tercera edad en California no les alcanza con lo que tienen para vivir​
​La Opinión  ​Day laborers of legal age, the most affected by the pandemic
​KPCC Economic equity and paving a path forward (24:35 minute mark)​
​Minnesota Public Radio The Supreme Court and the future of the Affordable Care Act
LAist​ ​Under California's COVID 'Equity Metric,' LA Must Focus On Hard-Hit Areas To Move Closer To Reopening
​KPCC Hundreds of thousands of older Californians are economically insecure
​Mirage News ​Number of Californians with mental health distress sharply increased from 2014 to 2018
​Sierra Sun-Times UCLA Researchers Find Number of Californians with Mental Health Distress Sharply Increased from 2014 to 2018 - Study Finds the Trend Was Especially Pronounced Among 18- to 24-Year-Olds
SEPT. 2020
​KABC   ​CA Governor Newsom Gets Flu Shot During Briefing
​KPCC The healthier you are the more likely you are to vote​
​KNCO   Voters are healthier, smarter, and richer
​Univision Los alcances de la reactivación de la regla de carga pública para todos los trámites, incluida la residencia
​Sacramento Bee More than 1,000 reports of anti-Asian racism in California since March, data show
​Times of San Diego ​Study: Citizens in Good Health, Living in Safer Neighborhoods More Likely To Vote
​ UCLA Study: Healthy, Less Stressed Adults More Likely To Vote
​  ​Study: Adults in Good Health More Likely to Vote
​Herald Mail Media More than 1,000 reports of anti-Asian racism in California since March, data show
​ ​Conspiracy theorist ‘hoax pandemic’ video goes viral despite Facebook ban
​Medical Xpress ​Dashboard reveals COVID-19's impact on Californians' jobs, mental health
​State of Reform UCLA releases preliminary results of California Health Interview Survey
​San Diego Union-Tribune ​Commentary: Insist on better U.S. nutrition guidelines or Latinos will keep bearing the brunt of health crises
​Telemundo Latinos entre los más afectados económicamente debido a la pandemia
​UCLA Newsroom ​Dashboard reveals COVID-19’s impact on Californians’ jobs, mental health
​BizWest BizWest Podcast, September 4, 2020: Recapping the BizWest 500 & How COVID may hold down healthcare premiums​
​NBC Southern California Black and Latinos' Finances Hit the Hardest by COVID-19, UCLA Survey Finds
​Mendocino Voice ​Community gatherings offer healing for emotional wounds after disasters: Hidden Epidemics, Part Two
​Medscape ​High Mortality Rates Reported in Large COVID-19 Study
AUG. 2020
23ABC News Resident creates Bakersfield's Biggest Loser competition to help fight "COVID-15"​
​Daily Bruin ​Earlier census deadline may underrepresent low-income individuals, people of color
​Health Affairs ​Count Native Hawaiian And Pacific Islanders In COVID-19 Data—It’s An OMB Mandate
​The Daily Bruin ​The Quad: The current state of the USPS and how changes will impact voting in Nov.
​MEL Magazine How the Hell Did We End up With the Absurdly Expensive COBRA Health Insurance Law?
​Medical Xpress Q&A: COVID-19 exposes how Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders face stark health care disparities​
​The Center for Public Integrity Community gatherings offer healing for emotional wounds after disasters​
​UCLA Newsroom ​COVID-19 exposes how Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders face stark health care disparities
​KPCC UCLA receives grant to study gun violence​
​The Washington Post Coronavirus update: California surpasses 10,000 deaths as Trump signs economic relief orders
​Philanthropy News Digest ​National Collaborative awards $7.5 million for gun policy research
​​JULY 2020
​Santa Barbara Independent CAC’s Senior Nutrition Program Provides Healthy Food for Healthier Lives
Becker's Dental Review
Significant oral health access disparities affect low-income Californians, study finds
El País La pandemia entra en territorio desconocido en Estados Unidos
​YubaNet ​Study shows large gaps in access to oral health care for poorest Californians
​Sacramento Bee Latinos are more likely to get COVID-19 and diabetes. What does the combination mean for health?​
​Newswise ​Measuring progress in diversity in the health services and policy research field
​Sacramento Bee Fact check: Are California hospitals over-counting coronavirus patients?
​U.S News & World Report Marijuana, E-Cigarettes Enticing More Young Adults
​The Guardian ​‘They feel invincible’: how California’s coronavirus plan went wrong
​Yahoo Money A 'flaw' in Obamacare is costing some Americans thousands of dollars per year
​NBC Southern California ​UCLA Study Shows Surge in Vaping, Marijuana Use Among Young Adults
Medical Xpress Study shows surge in e-cigarette and marijuana use among state's young adults
JUNE 2020
​UCLA Newsroom ​Q&A with Kathryn O'Neill: Why the LGBT community is at greater risk from COVID-19
Los Cerritos News ​Landlords Enjoy the Financial Benefits
​Bloomberg Law News ​High Court Saves Jobs of ‘Dreamers’ on Pandemic’s Frontlines
​The Sacramento Bee California hospitals suffer massive losses from fewer patients, major COVID-19 expenses
NBC Los Angeles UCLA Releases COVID-19 Dashboard Tracking Race and Ethnicity
​Religion News Service What Ministers, Rabbis and Imams Preached This Weekend About the George Floyd Protests
MAY 2020
​Medscape ​Long-term Care Work Conditions Pose COVID-19 Risk
KQED '​It Was Hell': When Both Parents Get COVID-19
​WGN 9 ​How accurate is Illinois’ count of deaths caused by coronavirus? We asked the experts
​The Guardian 'The disease is ripping through': why coronavirus is devastating California's Pacific Islanders
​LAist ​LA's Nursing Homes Serving Black And Brown Patients Are Hardest Hit By Coronavirus. What's Going On?
​WGN 720  ​Are hospitals over-reporting COVID-19 cases to cash in on government funding?
​USA Today ​Missing data leaves unknowns about who gets tested for COVID-19 in Ventura County
​The Wall Street Journal ​Coronavirus Hits Southern California Harder Than Northern Counties
California Health Report At High Risk From Coronavirus, Undocumented Seniors Fear Seeking Medical Care
​CalMatters Why is the coronavirus deadly for so many blacks in Los Angeles?
​Capital Public Radio ‘Just Be Courteous’ — CapRadio Answers Your Questions About Anxiety, Who To Listen To And What Precautions To Take As The Stay-At-Home Orders Begin to Lift
Daily Bruin ​UCLA must reach out to senior adults as stay-at-home orders exacerbate isolation
​Sacramento Bee ​Empty beds, pay cuts: What happened to local providers as Sacramento ‘crushed the curve’
​CalMatters Track us better: overlooked Pacific Islanders hit hard by coronavirus​
APRIL 2020
​UCLA Newsroom The full picture: Why we need more demographic data on COVID-19
​BBC News ​COVID-19: Job loss and health insurance coverage
​The Hour ​Coronavirus intensifies existing issues for older immigrants
​USA Today ​Fact check: House bill expands stimulus checks to some, not all, undocumented immigrants
​ Hospital Payments and the COVID-19 Death Count
​NBC Los Angeles LA District Attorney Urges Residents to Report Children on 2020 Census
​LAist ​Community Health Clinics Are On The Frontlines, But The Pandemic Is Threatening To Wipe Them Out
​Público La covid-19 desnuda las carencias del sistema de salud privado de EEUU
​Los Angeles Times Janitors and other nonclinical hospital workers feel forgotten in coronavirus battle: ‘They’re terrified’
​KSRO 103.5 FM Gerald Kominski On the Health Care System post-COVID-19
​Los Angeles Times Coronavirus death rate among Latinos appears low, but experts say the data are thin
​The Pride WeHo’s High COVID-19 Rate​
​El Pais ¿Por qué el coronavirus no está afectando igual a California y a Nueva York?​
​Sierra Sun Times ​COVID-19 More Likely to Impact Smokers and People Exposed to Secondhand Smoke, Report Finds
​MARCH 2020
​The Guardian 'I have a broken heart': Trump policy has immigrants backing away from healthcare amid crisis
​Los Angeles Times Financially strained and low on supplies, community clinics help fight the coronavirus
​Sacramento Bee UC Davis Med Center employees infected with coronavirus. Hospital expects ‘many more’
​The Washington Post ​Trump has no qualms about calling coronavirus the ‘Chinese Virus.’ That’s a dangerous attitude, experts say
​AARP What Will Getting Coronavirus Treatment Cost You?
​Capital Public Radio ​‘This Too Shall Pass’ — But Until Then, CapRadio Answers Your Questions About Seniors And COVID-19
Kaiser Health News Some hospitals Continue With Elective Surgeries Despite COVID-19 Crisis
Senior Living Study Finds 'digital divide' with internet use among older adults​
Yahoo Finance The Supreme Court will consider Obamacare's constitutionality - and the outcome could bring 'total chaos'
Daily Bruin Study shows aggregated data conceals Asian American subgroup health problems
TPM How are you gonna pay for that? Crisis leaves rural health care unprepared for COVID outbreak.
FEB. 2020
NPR As Out-Of-Pocket Health Costs Rise, Insured Adults Are Seeking Less Primary Care
Ventura County Star County Community colleges get $500k to expand student mental health services
The Guardian Will they take my kids away?: the immigrants refusing food aid amid Trump crackdown
Los Angeles Times Column: $32 trillion for 'Medicare for all'? It's a bargain
JAN. 2020
The Fresno Bee Many Californians can't afford health insurance. Will 2020 reforms provide relief?
Your Central Valley Healthcare expansion to undocumented young adults affects around 1,600 people in Fresno
Vox The answer to America's health care cost problem might be in Maryland
California Healthline Despite New Doubts, 'Hotspotting' Help For Heavy Health Care Users Marches On
OC Register Foot care and eyeglasses, Medi-Cal benefits eliminated years ago, are back
Cal Matters U.S Supreme Court sides with Trump against immigrants + Twists and turns in primary politics
DEC. 2019

The Sacramento Bee Got health coverage through Covered California? We want to hear about your experience
​The Los Angeles Times ​Californians with no health insurance face penalties. Not everyone has to pay
​UCLA Newsroom ER visits did not rise with Medicaid expansion under Affordable Care Act
​The Sacramento Bee ​These Californians say health insurance is expensive, unnecessary. Will new tax credits help?
​The Fresno Bee
​Thousands of undocumented adults in California set to get Medi-Cal, starting Jan. 1

NOV. 2019
The Daily Californian

Daily Bruin

News review

UCLA Newsroom

The Sacramento Bee

California public health officials must mitigate increasing STD

UCLA plans to revise smoking policy to prohibit use of marijuana

Faces of modern hunger: Why College students, seniors and immigrants miss out on food stamps

$27 million grant will strengthen effort to increase biomedical workforce diversity

Hundreds of thousands in California miss out on CalFresh food stamps. Here's why

​OCT. 2019
​The Los Angeles Times Column: Medicare for pets - it's not as crazy as you think

​Is there evidence of the 'immigrant health paradox' among Arab Americans
​Medical Xpress ​US 'medical tourists' seek cheap health care abroad
​Mental Health Weekly California pilots report inroads in care coordination under Medicaid
​Sentinel News Service Lavar Ball Donates 70,500 Water Bottles To the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
​Fullerton Observer ​If Health Care is a Human Right, Why is it So Hard to Get?
​Health Affairs ​New Evidence Demonstrates that the Public Charge Rule Will Harm Immigrant Families and Others
​Mirage News California program is a good step forward coordinating care for high-needs patients, study finds
​Bonner County Daily Bee ​Can being an immigrant be Hazardous to your health
​The OC Register ​New gig worker law could expand health coverage and cut it

SEPT. 2019

Mirage News Cost, wait time influence choice of healthcare setting for minor illness
Daily Democrat Trump rule change fallout: 'Public charge' policy is having a chilling effect on families of immigrants
​The Mercury News A looming change in immigration policy is spooking Bay Area families
​Cal Matters ​Immigrants afraid of Trump's 'public charge' rule are dropping food stamps, Medical
​The Argonaut ​The affordable care act has been a lifeline for homeless and low-income people. A Trump administration lawsuit could leave millions uninsured
​California Healthline Want To Reduce Suicides? Follow The Data - To Medical Offices, Motels And Even Animal Shelters
​Study International ​High Suspension rates impact 'school connectedness'
​Los Angeles Times American's struggles with medical bills are a foreign concept in other countries
​California Health Report ​In a statewide Disparity, More Latino Children Lack Health Insurance
​Science Codex Diabetes nearly doubles for Japanese-Americans
​ Higher suspension rates are linked to feeling less 'connected' at school

AUG. 2019

Los Angeles Times Seniors facing eviction fear homelessness and isolation as California's housing crisis rolls on
Capital Public Radio New ‘Public Charge’ Rule Targets Immigrant Use Of Health And Nutrition Services
Cal Health Report As Families Drop Health Benefits Over ‘Public Charge’ Rule, Clinics Scramble to Respond
KQED News S.F., Santa Clara First in Nation to Sue Over Trump Rule Targeting Low-Income Immigrants
CalMatters What does President Trump’s latest immigration crackdown mean for California?
Los Angeles Times Trump crackdown on legal immigrants could damage California economy, experts say
Oprah/O Magazine What Is Socialism? And How Is It Different Than Democratic Socialism?
HuffPost Trump’s Immigration Proposals Don’t Need To Happen To Cause Harm. That’s The Point.
Sacramento Bee Fact check: Does Kamala Harris’ healthcare plan ban employer insurance?
JULY 2019
California Public Radio Paperwork Woes Keep Some Low-Income Moms And Kids From Enrolling In Medi-Cal. Is An ‘Express Lane’ The Fix?
CBS-2 News LA ICE Raids Threat
Desert Sun 5.2 Million Californians Lack Dental Insurance, Including Many Seniors
Santa Cruz Sentinel Monning's Soda Labeling Bill Stalls in Face of Industry Opposition
The St. Louis American Black and Hispanic Diabetics Twice as Likely as White Diabetics to Undergo Amputation

JAN-JUNE 2019 Do Seniors on Social Security Have to Pay for Medicare While 'Illegal Immigrants' Get It Free?
Kaiser Health News Diabetic Amputations A "Shameful Metric" of Inadequate Care
The OC Register New CalFresh Rules Vastly Expand the Pool of People Eligible for Food Assistance in California
Science Daily For Profit Dialysis Provider Charges Private Insurers 4 Times More than Government Payers
Newsreview Who Will Care for the Elderly?
Dallas News Did Trump's Big Talk, Action on DACA Affect the Health of DACA Beneficiaries?
Capital Public Radio The Waiting Game: When Hospitals Say No, Where Can Uninsured Patients Find Surgery?
Mercury News California's Growing Senior Population by the Numbers
Desert Sun Uninsured Small Businesses Hope for Affordable Health Care Under Governor
Daily Democrat Aging California Seniors Will Need Caregivers, and Family Is First Up - The Coming Wave of Senior Citizens Is Going to Tax Their Families
Penn State News Hospitals May Divert Ambulances to Avoid Treating Certain Patients

OC Register Lack of Dental Insurance Is Often Lost in the Health Care Debate, But It Impacts Millions
Stockton Record ‘He Worries ... and Lives in Panic’: Thousands of SJ Immigrants in Medical Limbo
California Health Report California Budget Restores Adult Medi-Cal Benefits Cut a Decade Ago
The New York Times

Sacramento Bee

CBS Sacramento

Consumer Affairs

The Sentinel

Imperial Valley Press

Pit of Infection': A Border Town's Crissi has Nothing to Do with Migrants

Few Californians Pay the Health Insurance Penalty. Often, Those That Do Are Poor

Bye, Bye Big Gulp: California Tries To Ban Cups That Hold More Than 16 Fluid Ounces

Junk Food Linked to Varying Levels of Psychological Distress

Raising the Bar in Diabetes Care

Health Survey Shows Small Differences Between North End and County?