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Migration and Health: Mexican Immigrant Women in the United States

October 1, 2010

External Publication

Authors: Steven P. Wallace, PhD, Xochitl Castaneda

This study aims to increase overall understanding of health determinants, access and use of health services, and the health conditions of adult Mexican-born women in the U.S. It relies on a comparative perspective with U.S.-born, non-Hispanic white and African-American women and immigrants from other countries.

The authors, including Center associate director Steven P. Wallace, provide a description of the characteristics of adult Mexican-born women living in the U.S., together with a brief analysis of some social determinants of health. The report also analyzes the level and type of health insurance coverage of Mexican-born women ages 18 to 64 in comparison with other population groups and incorporates an analysis of ethnic/racial disparities in access to health insurance. The authors examine the different experiences of immigrants in their use of health care services and provide indicators of that usage, including routine health care use, type of services sought, and timeliness of health care. Finally, the report examines the health conditions of Mexican immigrant women through selected aspects, such as self-perception of their health status, disease prevalence, risky health habits and mother and child health.

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