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In a Capital Public Radio story, Center Director Gerald Kominski said it would be "relatively easy" for California to put in place its own individual mandate requiring residents have health insurance.
Read about CalSIM, a Center-UC Berkeley micro-simulation model that estimates how many people will enroll in the state's health marketplace.

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Kathryn Kietzman is a research scientist at the Center and lead author of a new study about the need for mental health services specifically for older adults. In this brief interview, she discusses generational differences in mental health needs, need among the aging homeless, and workforce challenges to providing mental health care.

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Healthcare Reform

The Center has been a critical partner to California’s efforts to implement the Affordable Care Act.  Our statistical simulations have enabled Covered California to estimate likely enrollment and to understand the characteristics of the newly-eligible. Our publications and survey research enable policymakers to track progress of reform at local, regional and statewide level.  Our research has also been essential to understand and project the likely impact of nationwide efforts to “repeal and replace” the ACA, as well as to analyze the viability of alternative options, such as a statewide single-payer system.

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California Health Interview Survey

CHIS is the nation’s largest state health survey and one of the largest health surveys in the United States. The CHIS Web site offers free data files, as well as quick, customized health statistics via its easy-to-use tool, AskCHIS.  Learn more...

Health Economics & Evaluation Research

The Health Economics and Evaluation Research (HEER) Program examines the economic impacts of health care policies and programs. From local public health interventions, to statewide efforts to improve Medi-Cal, to national debates on health care financing, HEER staff provide analysis, conduct evaluations and offer expertise to policymakers and others concerned with health care costs... Learn more »

Health DATA

Through in-person and on-line workshops, the Health DATA Program helps policymakers, community groups and health and advocacy organizations to understand and use credible data in their programmatic and policy development work.

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Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Program examines key state and national trends in health insurance coverage, including employer and individual insurance, access to insurance, as well as the health and economic impact of lack of insurance. The program’s biennial publication, “The State of Health Insurance in California,” provides omnibus reporting of important health insurance statistics...  Learn more »

Chronic Disease

The Chronic Disease Program conducts wide-ranging research on chronic conditions, including asthma, cancer, diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease. The program investigates the causes of chronic disease, such as unhealthy food and living environments, as well as the health, social and economic consequences ...  Learn more »

Health Disparities

The Health Disparities Program examines the unique health concerns of populations challenged by inequities in health and health care quality along racial, ethnic, age or socio-economic lines. In particular, the program is noted for its expertise on the elderly, immigrants, women and American Indian and Alaska Native populations...  Learn more »