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 CHIS 2015 is here!

CHIS interviewed 21,444 households in 2015, including 21,034 adults, 754 teens and 2,157 children. New topics in the 2015 survey include discrimination in getting medical care, use of telemedical care, teen psychological distress, and much more!
Find health statistics by state, county, region and Los Angeles and San Diego service areas using our free, user-friendly web tool AskCHIS.
Find health statistics by ZIP code, legislative district or city using AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition.
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 Did you know?


CHIS is one of the few sources of representative data on lesbians, gays and bisexuals.

CHIS Facts

1,000,000+ Visitors to the CHIS/UCLA Center for Health Policy Research website.
120,000+ Queries made through AskCHIS in the last 12 months.
1,100,000+ Queries made through AskCHIS since the inception of CHIS in 2002.
56,746 Registered AskCHIS users



Public Use Files downloaded since the inception of CHIS in 2002.

Number of advocacy and community representatives trained by the Center's Health DATA Program to use CHIS data.