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CHIS 2015 Data Revisions Advisory

August 04, 2017

      In connection with our review of the 2016 CHIS data, we are releasing revised weights for the 2015 CHIS data.  We have removed the CHIS 2015 data from our online dissemination platforms while we make these updates, and expect to release the revised data in mid-August. The survey weight revisions should not measurably affect the percentage distributions of most CHIS indicators and is only applicable to the CHIS 2015 data, with higher impacts on teen and child estimates compared to adult estimates. More information on the revisions can be found in the CHIS forum.


      CHIS will rerun all affected projects produced with CHIS 2015 data through our Data Access Center, at no cost to the researcher. Please feel free to contact the Data Access Center ( to obtain additional information about the change in the 2015 weighted population estimates.