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Data presented in the Health Profiles are just the tip of the iceberg. Additional estimates are available upon request.


BHC Data Collection

Households in the Building Healthy Communities (BHC) sites were randomly selected to participate in the 2009 and 2015 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the nation's largest state health survey. The eligibility criteria for those participating in the 2009 survey differ from those in the 2015 survey, outlined on this page.

Topics and Questions
A complete list of topics and questions asked on CHIS. 

​CHIS 2009 ​CHIS 2015
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How was CHIS administered in the BHC sites?

The CHIS is an ongoing comprehensive public health survey that provides health data for the state and counties in California. To gather meaningful health data for BHC, The California Endowment supported oversamples of CHIS 2009 and CHIS 2015 in 14 BHC sites. 

​CHIS 2009 ​CHIS 2015
Households in each BHC site were randomly selected to participate through random digit dial (RDD) telephone sampling. ​Households in each BHC site were randomly selected to participate via telephone through address-based sampling (ABS).

Eligible residents included:

  • Young adults (age 40 and younger).
  • Parents of children age 18 and younger.
  • Teens (age 12 to 17).
  • Children (age 0 to 11).

​Eligible residents included:

  • Adults (age 18 and over).
  • Teens (age 12 to 17).
  • Children (age 0 to 11).



For children, interviews were administered with the adult sufficiently knowledgeable about that child; for teens, interviews were administered with the teen after obtaining parent's permission. County and state estimates come from CHIS 2009 and CHIS 2015, and maintain the same eligibility criteria as the BHC site.

Results provided in the BHC health profiles represent estimated values for the eligible population of the designated BHC site, its respective county, and California. Estimates are based on the selected sample of the overall eligible population and thus have a degree of uncertainty. The data provided display 95% confidence intervals (CIs), indicating that we are 95% confident that the actual value of the health outcome lies between the lower and upper value of the CI range. Estimates with wide confidence intervals should be interpreted with caution.