Data. Advocacy. Training. Assistance.
We are committed to turning knowledge into action. 

Over the last three decades, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research (CHPR) has pioneered ways to democratize data and put it into the hands of the public in ways that inform, educate, and result in grassroots-driven policy change.

A key public service program at UCLA CHPR, the Health DATA (Data. Advocacy. Training. Assistance.) Program conducts training courses, in-person and online workshops, and technical assistance sessions to improve the capacity of health experts and advocates to find, understand, and present credible data to address public health issues that are important to the communities they serve. 

The Health DATA Program was created to make data easy and understandable to a wide range of audiences — from community organizations to researchers to legislative staff and more — to assist them in programmatic and policy development work.​ 

Health DATA Program staff have provided trainings for local, state, and national public health agencies, advocates, media, legislators, policymakers, community organizations, foundations, and researchers to apply health research data to:

  • Present convincing policy proposals;
  • Implement useful and informative needs assessments;
  • Complete successful funding applications; and
  • Increase their capacity to address community health issues.

Health DATA at a Glance


California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) data user trainings hosted from 2020–2022 


people participated in CHIS data user trainings from 2020–2022


organizations participated in CHIS data user trainings from 2020–2022