Published Date: December 08, 2022

We study the past and present to understand how to shape the future of health. Whether a researcher or advocate, a legislator or journalist, we all need credible information to do that work, and the right tools to access it. 

The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is a source of credible data, and refining it is a constant. We added new questions this year on encounters with police, discrimination in health care settings, gun safety practices home, and more. And we've expanded the tools, such as including a series of questions specifically asked of the Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations for the 2022 Preliminary CHIS COVID-19 Estimates Dashboard.

From our annual CHIS data release to our monthly updates of our 2022 CHIS Preliminary COVID-19 Estimates Dashboard to our lectures and presentations at American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and American Public health Association (APHA) conferences to our publications, we constantly disseminate CHIS data and analysis. 

And people sought out and used that data:

  • 90,000+ queries were made through our query tools, AskCHISTM and AskCHISTM Neighborhood Edition.
  • 300+ people attended our CHIS data user trainings and 250+ attended our annual data release.
  • 300+ media stories and nearly 100 journal articles and government reports featured or cited CHIS data.

Take a look at CHIS 2022 Making an Impact to see how, and by whom, our data were used.

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