California Health Interview Survey


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Confidential Data

The Data Access Center (DAC) based at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research provides researchers with remote access to confidential data files in a secure, controlled environment that protects the confidentiality of respondents. The confidential CHIS files maintained in the DAC contain detailed geographic identifiers, complete demographic information for survey respondents, and highly sensitive information (e.g., sexual behaviors, mental health treatment) that has been specifically excluded from the freely available CHIS Public Use Data Files.

Researchers can analyze data remotely, either by:

  1. Using the programming services of the Center’s Statistical Support and Programming unit.
  2. Writing their own programming code and e-mailing it to the DAC programmers. (This option is facilitated by “dummy” data files that allow researchers to develop their own error free code without the risk of inappropriate disclosure.)

If you are a researcher who would like to utilize confidential CHIS data, please click here for instructions to submit an application for review by the CHIS Data Disclosure Review Committee and by the CHIS Principal Investigator.

Questions? Please contact:
Data Access Center
Phone: (310) 794-8319