California Health Interview Survey

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 Did you know?

According to the 2018 CHIS, Californians who identify as being more than two Latino ethnicities increased from 2.6% in 2013 to 7.4% in 2018. To capture nuances of the state’s diversity, CHIS is conducted English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Tagalog.


CHIS Questionnaires (Translated)


In addition to English, CHIS is conducted in:


Separate interviews are conducted for adults (age 18 and older), adolescents (age 12 through 17) and children (birth through 11 years of age). For children, we interview the parent or guardian in the household who is most knowledgeable about the child's health. Adolescents are interviewed directly about their health and behaviors, although their insurance information is collected from the adult. 


About Translation and Cultural Adaptation:

  • To produce English equivalent translations, the CHIS translation process involves four review stages: (1) initial translation, (2) review by ATA/CA Court Certified translators/interpreters, (3) translation moderator review, and (4) translation reconciliation.
  • CHIS questionnaires also undergo a cultural adaptation process. The cultural adaptation process involves the following stages: (1) English simplification, (2) cultural review by bilingual/bicultural community-based health representatives, (3) final cultural review and integration of recommendations, and (4) CATI pilot and final adjustments.



CHIS 2018 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2017 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2016 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2015 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2013-2014 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2011-2012 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2009 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2007 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2005 Spanish Questionnaires

CHIS 2003 Spanish Questionnaires


CHIS 2018 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2017 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2016 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2015 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2013-2014 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2011-2012 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2009 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2007 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2005 Chinese Questionnaires

CHIS 2003 Chinese Questionnaires


CHIS 2018 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2017 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2016 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2015 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2013-2014 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2011-2012 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2009 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2007 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2005 Korean Questionnaires

CHIS 2003 Korean Questionnaires


CHIS 2018 Vietnamese Questionnaires

CHIS 2017 Vietnamese Questionnaires

CHIS 2016 Vietnamese Questionnaires

 CHIS 2015 Vietnamese Questionnaires

CHIS 2013-2014 Vietnamese Questionnaires

CHIS 2011-2012 Vietnamese Questionnaires

CHIS 2009 Vietnamese Questionnaires

CHIS 2007 Vietnamese Questionnaires

CHIS 2005 Vietnamese Questionnaires

CHIS 2003 Vietnamese Questionnaires


Tagalog Questionnaires

CHIS 2018 Tagalog Questionnaires

CHIS 2017 Tagalog Questionnaires

CHIS 2016 Tagalog Questionnaires

CHIS 2015 Tagalog Questionnaires

CHIS 2013-2014 Tagalog Questionnaires