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Special Events

The Center hosts conferences and special events that bring together health policy leaders and renowned​ researchers to discuss pressing health care and policy issues.
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Recent special events include: 

The E. Richard Brown Symposium on Universal Health Care in California
Participants learned about the origins of universal health care systems in other countries, how they operate, and whether one could be implemented in California during the E. Richard Brown Symposium on universal health care on March 1 and 2, 2019. 

The symposium featured a trio of international health policy experts--Tsung-Mei Cheng, Princeton University, discussed Taiwan's system; Raisa Deber, University of Toronto, spoke about Canada's regional models; and Joseph Kutzin, World Health Organization, covered a number of systems in developing and moderate-income countries. 


 Twenty Years of Progress in Health Policy: The Center's 20th Anniversary Celebration!
Watch this stirring tribute to the Center's 20 years of service to California and the nation, including testimonials from the state's health leaders and a salute to our founding director, E. Richard Brown. 

August 2013: Gerald Kominski, Shana Alex Lavarreda, Dylan Roby et al. 
"Understanding the Affordable Care Act: Seminar for Legislative Staff"
Nearly 100 legislative staff participated in an Aug. 28 seminar on health care reform, organized by the Center and UCLA Government and Community Relations. The event, "Understanding the Affordable Care Act: Seminar for Legislative Staff," was held at the California Community Foundation in downtown Los Angeles and was specifically tailored to the needs of constituent services and health policy staff of the California delegation. Center Director Gerald Kominski, as well as Shana Alex Lavarreda, who directs the Center's Health Insurance Studies Program, and Dylan Roby, who directs the Center's Health Economics and Evaluation Research Program, helped legislative staff prepare for the questions they will receive from their constituents -- individuals and businesses -- as the Affordable Care Act is implemented in coming months. Cynthia Carmona, the director of government and external affairs for the Community Clinic Association of LA County, joined the panel to discuss the safety-net role clinics will play for the remaining uninsured.
Watch the video here.




February 2012: "Sustaining and Extending Health Care Reform"
Health care reform fa​ces legal challenges and critical tests in coming months. What is the future for this important new law? In this symposium, California's leading health experts discuss the future of health care reform. 
Watch the video h​ere.​




April 2011: "The Impact of Federal Budget Cuts on Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Research" with Rep. Karen Bass​
Karen Bass, representative for the 33rd Congressional district and former California Assembly Speaker, will speaks about the impact of proposed cuts to the nation's health care system, including proposals to fundamentally alter the structure of two popular programs affecting millions of Americans: Medicare and Medicaid. 
Watch the video here.​
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