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New Poll Shows California Voters 40 and Older Largely Unprepared for Costs of Long-Term Care Services

April 1, 2010

External Publication

Authors: Lake Research Partners, American Viewpoint

On behalf of The SCAN Foundation and UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, Lake Research Partners and American Viewpoint conducted a statewide survey among 1,218 registered voters in California ages 40 and older. The purpose of the survey was to understand how prepared voters 40 and older are for the costs of long-term care, gauge their concern about the issue, and explore whether voters think the issue should be a priority for candidates and elected officials.

The poll shows most voters 40 and older are largely unprepared for the costs of long-term care should they need it. Most do not have long-term care insurance, nor are they aware that Medicare does not cover extended long-term care services. Additionally, a majority of these voters could not pay for more than three months of nursing home or part-time inhome care if they needed it. This lack of preparedness spans demographic groups, including income and political party affiliation.

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