AskCHIS™ gives you the answers.

AskCHIS™ and AskCHIS™ Neighborhood Edition are easy-to-use health data tools that give you access to authoritative health statistics on California's diverse population. These tools draw upon the responses of approximately 20,000 Californians interviewed each year by The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) - the nation's largest state health survey.


Find health statistics on:

  • Counties
  • Regions
  • Statewide
  • Los Angeles Service Planning Districts
  • San Diego Health Districts


Find health statistics on:

  • Zip Codes
  • Cities
  • Legislative districts
  • Statewide

With AskCHIS™, you can:

  • TARGET: See and compare the broadest range of health statistics by age, race/ethnicity, poverty level and more.
  • TREND: View trends in data from 2001.
  • POOL: Combine CHIS years to generate estimates for small populations.

With AskCHIS NE™ you can:

  • VISUALIZE: Create, export, and share maps, charts, and histograms.
  • NARROW: Compare key health indicators at the hyper-local level: including legislative districts, cities, and zip codes.
  • COMBINE: Combine locations to build health estimates for custom geographies.

AskCHIS and AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition are funded by:

AskCHIS NE is a product of The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.
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