Dana Mukamel, PhD, is a professor at the Department of Medicine with joint appointments in public health and nursing at the University of California, Irvine and the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Rochester. She is also the director if the iTEQC Research Program (Translation Technology Enhancing High Quality Care).

Her research focuses on quality of care, development of quality measures, quality report cards, and studies of market incentives and government policies and regulations leading to high quality of care.  She is an expert in quality measurement using big data and quality report cards. Much of her work focused on long-term care settings and care for the elderly. More recently Mukamel has begun working on development and testing of applications of mHealth to improve care in general, and patient decision-making in particular. Her work emphasizes the importance of personal choice and aims to offer decision-makers tools that facilitate the discovery of preferences and incorporation of those references in the decision-making process.

Mukamel's extensive research, with over 200 peer-reviewed publications, is funded by NIH, AHRQ, PCORI, and private foundations. She serves on many national advisory and review boards, including CMS, AHRQ, and MedPAC expert panels as well as journals' editorial boards. Her work has been recognized by a large number of awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from APHA.

Prior to joining the faculty at the University of California, Irvine, Mukamel was on the faculty at the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine at the University of Rochester.

Mukamel has a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, a master's degree in technology and policy from MIT, and a doctoral degree in economics from the University of Rochester.