Published Date: June 01, 2011
Poverty, obstacles to education, disparities and safety are all concerns that challenge the progress of women and girls in Monterey County, according to The Community Foundation of Monterey County in a report that uses CHIS data. Among the findings: Although a majority of Monterey County women feel their health status is good, nearly two-thirds of local women are clinically overweight or obese. The high cost of health insurance, lack of eligibility for public programs, inadequate health education and lack of access to safe parks and other recreation activities impede women's efforts to stay healthy and fit. Although the report is intended to be just a "snapshot" in time of the critical issues that currently impact the women of Monterey County, the authors said they hoped it would also serve as a call to action to address trends of concern.

Publication Authors:
  • Women's Fund of Monterey County