Published Date: September 13, 2022

Summary: Authors interviewed 158 individuals from a convenience sample in 7 low-income communities in the Coachella Valley. Previous validated questions on respiratory disease were reevaluated for culturally appropriate translation into Spanish by local asthma educators. Interviews were conducted in person and informed written consent was obtained from each respondent.

Findings: Lifetime diagnosed asthma prevalence was estimated at 11%. However, 20% of the respondents who reported that they had not been diagnosed with asthma reported one or more respiratory symptoms typical of asthma. Among those who reported asthma symptoms, had diagnosed asthma, or used asthma medications, survey results indicated that their illness was poorly controlled. Prevalence of cardiovascular conditions was low. This study indicates that a higher proportion than thought of underserved populations in Coachella Valley communities are likely to be suffering from undiagnosed asthma and respiratory symptoms, which are not being properly controlled. Authors recommend that more outreach and resources be given to these communities to reduce barriers to care so that routine preventative care can be used to improve respiratory health.

This study uses California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) 2016 data. The Desert Healthcare Foundation District Foundation funded this report.

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