Published Date: December 07, 2017
The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the nation's largest state health survey, continued to play a significant role in shaping health policies and guidelines of state and national importance in 2017. Examples include providing background data to Assemblymember Adam Gray's office on California prediabetes rates in analysis of a state bill on continuous glucose monitors for Medi-Cal beneficiaries; providing supporting evidence for analysis on the health delivery system in California at a state Assembly Health Committee hearing; and more. 
This fact sheet gives an overview of legislation, training, government studies, health advocacy group publications, and policy reports and journal articles by Center researchers and other academic researchers that used CHIS data in 2017.   Since 2003, more than 62,928 registered AskCHIS users have made 1.25 million queries, and more than 44,701 public use data files have been downloaded by researchers and others seeking reliable, credible data on California health. AskCHIS and AskCHIS NE users made more than 143,500 queries, proving the value of CHIS data to those passionate about understanding and improving public health and reducing health disparities.  

Publication Authors:
  • UCLA Center for Health Policy Research