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​The Health DATA program offers a series of Community Workshops that train participants of all skill levels how to search for health statistics on their county, region and statewide, using data from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) via the online, AskCHIS webtool. Additionally the, AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition trainings allow users to search for local level data specific to their ZIP code city or legislative district.

AskCHIS In-person and Online

AskCHIS workshops are featured both in person and online. The in-person format provides a half or full day training conducted by Health DATA trainers in local computer centers throughout California. The online trainings are approximately 120 minutes and functions much like an online meeting. Users will be able to watch the trainer via a live video feed, use the AskCHIS system and ask questions. A computer, Internet access and a telephone are required. Both the in-person and online trainings cover both introductory and advanced AskCHIS features and includes work with multiple health topics available from CHIS on building queries, graphing data and exporting data in Excel, as well as interpreting results, and developing local estimates.

Download a copy of our Ask CHIS Training Manual.pdf  

AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition

The AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition workshop features the Center's new easy-to-use web tool that mirrors the AskCHIS web tool. Participants learn how to analyze health information specific to their zip code, city or legislative district. Trainings are structured in a way to help participants learn how to generate tables; export data tables and graphs; and copy HTML code for interactive maps.  


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Learn more about the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) to get quick answers about who and where CHIS interviews, survey topics, and more.
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The AskCHIS In-person and online workshops were developed by a grant from Kaiser Permanente and is supported with additional funding from The California Endowment