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The Health Insurance Program regularly lends its expertise to health partners, policymakers, advocates and the media in search of credible data and analysis on health insurance and health care reform. The Program’s capabilities include:

Outside data estimates:

Program staff can provide data on health insurance coverage, enrollment in public programs, disparities in coverage and other topics related to health insurance and health care reform, using data from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS). These estimates have been used, among other things, to support health care reform proposals by both the California Governor’s office and the state legislature, as well as to provide individual counties with data about their own populations for annual budget planning and grant-writing.

Small area estimation:

The Program has conducted small area estimations on particular topics using data from the California Health Survey. Small area estimates allow public health experts to understand health insurance trends specific to a city, such as Los Angeles, or by legislative district.

Policy analysis and engagement:

Widely respected for its objective insight, the Center regularly engages and advises policymakers and advocates on health policy issues, as well as advising on the potential impacts of proposed legislation.