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Californians Newly Eligible for Medi-Cal under Health Care Reform

May 1, 2011

Policy Brief

Authors: Nadereh Pourat, PhD, Ana E. Martinez, MPH, Gerald F. Kominski, Ph.D.

This policy brief finds that about 2.13 million nonelderly Californians who were uninsured for all or part of 2009 are newly-eligible for Medi-Cal under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010. Using data from the 2009 California Health Interview Survey, the authors find that this newly-eligible population is often single, working-age and employed and that their rates of most chronic conditions are similar to those currently enrolled in Medi-Cal, but they have less access to care. The characteristics of the population of the newly-eligible for Medi-Cal under ACA are likely to change by 2014 when the major provisions of the law are fully implemented. However, coverage of this newly-eligible low-income population is likely to improve their access to health services.

This policy brief is accompanied by a break-down of key health statistics related to this newly-eligible population.

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